Robbie Rogers has received his International Transfer Certificate and is available to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy tonight, a day after the team announced his acquisition. Yesterday, coach Bruce Arena said Rogers would likely be on the 18-man roster if he received his ITC. The Galaxy play against the Seattle Sounders tonight at Home Depot Center at 8pm.

Just because he's on the roster doesn't mean he'll see in-game action. Still, it will be the first time an openly gay Major League Soccer player appears on an active roster for a game. And if he does get into the game, it will be another first for the sport.

While he feared this day three months ago, he is now embracing it. He's seen what we've seen for years: Being gay in professional sports is no big deal, and the vast majority of players and fans are ready to embrace you if you come out publicly. Can't wait to see the reaction he gets from the crowd tonight.