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The last couple of weeks have brought together several sports stories involving the intersection of religion and LGBT issues. When Cyd talked to Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Landry Jones, the devout Christian said he doesn’t condone a gay lifestyle, but that he would warmly love and welcome a gay teammate. Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt also talked about his shift on gay issues as he’s spent more time in Major League Baseball; His life experiences have overcome his Christian upbringing on the issue.

Debate rages over whether the perspectives of someone like Landry should be revered. While he “disagrees” with the gay lifestyle, he says his personal beliefs would not color his treatment of someone. Is that enough for the LGBT movement, or do we need people to change their actions and their beliefs?

Plus, Jim clues in everyone on Cyd’s 40th birthday, as Cyd asks people to donate to the LGBT athlete network GO! Athletes.

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