Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said he hopes a gay player in the NFL will come out if it will make their life easier, and that he would fully accept him.

In an interview with CNN in London, Luck was asked about having an openly gay teammate:

It’s the 21st century and I know I would have absolutely no problem with it. I hope no one would treat them any differently than any straight player, no special treatment — he’s just another guy. It’s none of our business, sexual preference of people.
I hope that if someone is thinking about it and they do come out as gay as a professional football player and it makes them happy and it makes their life easier, than I think they should do it. When it does come, I’d be disappointed if there was a negative reaction among players.

Luck is a star and will be the Colts quarterback for the next dozen or so years, so his comments carry a lot of weight. If a closeted player in the NFL is thinking about coming out, the Colts might be the best team to do it on. The Indianapolis Star found 12 Colts players during one locker room interview session who echoed what Luck is saying.