(This story was published in 2002).

By: David Mills

Reprinted by permission from the Sydney Star Observer

Former Mardi Gras general manager Judith Fletcher has been appointed acting chief executive officer of Sydney 2002 Gay Games in the wake of Geoffrey Williams’s resignation.

Fletcher was brought in as director of corporate services two and a half months ago, and for some time there has been speculation within the community as to whether she or Williams was running the organization.

“My job grows all the time,” Fletcher stated – somewhat presciently, as it transpired – at a Sydney 2002 community consultation meeting in Paddington three weeks ago.

In a memo issued to Sydney 2002 staff on Monday, board co-chairs Bev Lange and Peter Bailey said Fletcher would “head the Gay Games staff structure until a permanent appointment is made”.

Bailey told Sydney Star Observer that a decision about a permanent CEO appointment would be made early next week. However, with just 93 days to go until the opening ceremony, it is anticipated that Fletcher will be made permanent in the position.

“She brings a huge amount of administrative, legal and planning ability to the table,” Bailey said of Fletcher. “We’ve already benefited from her abilities there.”

Fletcher is a close personal friend of Bev Lange’s (indeed one source revealed that Lange and her partner stayed at Fletcher’s house while their own home was undergoing renovations), but Lange stressed that this issue would be managed.

“When Judith applied for the position [of director of corporate services], I did not take part in any of the interviews,” Lange said. “I will not take part in any discussion or vote around [Judith] being permanently appointed.”

Lange also rejected a suggestion that Fletcher’s appointment affected the role played by Williams. “No, not at all,” she said. “Judith was brought in because we recognized that there were just so many other jobs to be done.
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