How important was the coming out of Jason Collins? Many seem to paint it as the most important moment in the fight for LGBT equality in sports. We talk about that this week. While Jim agrees, saying the moment could become even more important in a few months, Cyd says it doesn’t compare to the top three moments in our list of the 100 most important LGBT sports moments, and it might not be in the top 10.

We also talk about the reaction, including current players from Collins’ high school and college. One angle we hit on is the tired mantra we’ve heard from some about discomfort in the locker room. We set the record straight, including the experiences of gay athletes we’ve talked to for years about that very issue. Plus, we hit on the reactions of various pro athletes. It’s been amazing to see just how many people have weighed in on this event.

Listen: How Important was Jason Collins’ Coming Out?

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