Some great stuff in the mainstream media about gays in sports, highlighted by a first-person account in the New York Times by Britney Griner. She talks about how she came out to her mom, being bullied as a young person and the importance of being a role model.

Brittney Griner, Proudly Part of a Mission to Help Others Live in Truth –
The W.N.B.A. player Brittney Griner writes, “Just as basketball doesn’t define who I am, neither does being gay.” She also talks about being bullied.

Barkley: ‘I played with gay players’ | Yahoo! Sports
During the interview, Barkley stated that everyone who has played in the NBA has had a gay teammate at some point.

Jason Collins denies he is seeking book deal – Yahoo! Sports
Jason Collins, the NBA veteran who last week announced he was gay, is disputing reports from publishing insiders who say he is shopping a book deal.

City Council Resolution Urges Sports Commissioners To Support LGBT Athletes « CBS Chicago
In testimony, restaurateur Vincent Pryor told Alderman he’d first hidden that he was gay from teammates on the Texas Christian University Football Team. He says there was an emptiness inside him. But after he came out—and helped lead the team to a bowl game—he says he found support.

Young, gay athletes set tone for NBA coming out – Associated Press
“Change is coming from the top down, but it’s also coming from the bottom up,” says Ellen Staurowsky, a professor of sport management at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Transgender Students Gain Admission to Sports Teams –
More than half a dozen states have adopted rules to allow transgender high school students to compete on teams that correspond with their gender identities rather than the sex listed on their school records.

ESPN New York’s Jared Max on what the Jason Collins announcement meant to him « ESPN Front Row
For the first time, I was in position to speak openly, publicly about an active openly gay athlete. Years back, when Collins played for New Jersey, I interviewed him several times. But, neither knew the other was hiding what felt like a secret the size of the world.

Jason Collins situation shows professional sports have a long way to go in accepting gay players – –
When it comes to accepting homosexuals, professional sports is playing a big game of catchup.

Jim Flood: Roller Derby Provides a Model for Pro Sports in Accepting Openly Gay Men
Even before NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay, the lack of out gay men in pro sports was a major theme in the media. But at other levels — high school, college, recreational, amateur –there are plenty of gay men in team sports. One such sport is roller derby.

Australian Football League stars to tackle homophobia among players and fans | Gay Star News
A group of prominent Australian Football League (AFL) players will pledge to never use homophobic language on the field and will urge people to confront other fans when they use homophobic slurs.

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