The Windy City Times is on fire! This week Ross Forman had the profile of a former Div. 1 college basketball player, and now he's introducing the world to Chicago Sky player Sharnee Zoll-Norman and her wife. From the WCT:

Although Sharnee Zoll-Norman has mentioned her wife in past interviews, specifically about her absence from the WNBA following the 2008 season until she joined the Chicago Sky this year, it has not been publicized. "It's never been printed," she said. And she intentionally never had a formal coming-out.

"I never felt whether I'm gay, straight, bi, [or] whatever that my sexuality had anything to do with me as a basketball player, and I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with me as a person," she said. "If I was straight, I wouldn't have to come out and say that I was straight. So I've never had an official coming-out, or something where I felt I had to announce that I was gay. But everyone knows. I wear my wedding ring proudly; I have matching tattoos with my wife, and also have her name tattooed on me. We go a lot of places [together] and I surely don't hide it [that she's my wife.]"

The profile is lengthy and you should definitely check it out! You can also track her down at this weekend's Chicago Pride — after years of living in the closet, she's marching in her first Pride parade this weekend!