With the Supreme Court's decision on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, we take a look at the effect the rulings can have on the sports world, and how the efforts to open the sports world to LGBT people are affecting the fight for same-sex marriage rights.

We also talk about Jim's column that says the sports world is lagging 15 years behind the rest of the culture on LGBT equality. He makes a distinction between people coming out and the reaction of the sports culture to LGBT issues, and Cyd harkens back to Ellen coming out being TV's "Jason Collins moment."

Interestingly, the mainstream sports world didn't react much to the Supreme Court decision. Was it because the Prop 8 ruling was a little muddled? Was it because the issue is already a fait accompli to many? We discuss.

Outsports podcast June 27, 2013 – Same sex marriage & sports

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