LZ Granderson recently wrote a column for ESPN The Magazine about the trepidation many sports reporters have covering rumors about potentially gay pro athletes. Like many, including us at Outsports, LZ has long avoided stories about gay rumors and has held very close to the vest secrets about the true sexual orientation of some athletes.

But as sports is transforming, and the risk for out athletes decreases, he has started to wrestle with the wisdom of holding those secrets. While he isn't ready to divulge what he knows, it has started to cross his mind.

LZ joins us this week to talk about what drove him to write the column, and we spend a good amount of time talking about the avoidance of stories about rumors surrounding NFL safety Kerry Rhodes. Plus, we welcome LZ to his soon-to-be new hometown…

Listen here: Outsports podcast June 7, 2013 – Outing athletes in the media