Are you sick and tired of the ignorant comments and disrespectful treatment directed at MMA fighter, Fallon Fox? We are!

It's GO! time. TODAY we are going to start #Fight4Fallon lead by #FallonsFighters.

Who are #FallonsFighters?

We are individuals who are ready to stand up and speak out in support of Fallon Fox. There have been one to many ignorant comments made in remarks to Fallon competing against other female fighters. GO! Athletes across the country are appalled by the hurtful, misinformed comments about our friend (and role model), Fallon.

She needs our help to keep on fighting! As fellow LGBT athletes and allies WE are ready to build her an army of supporters to combat the negative punches being thrown at our hero. #FallonsFighters!

#FallonsFighters will show support by:

1) Writing (fighting back)

-Respond to any negative blog posts/comments (vlogging, blogging, text comment)
-Choosing to be above the hurtful language by informing and educating in a respectful way on Fallon's behalf
-Using female pronouns and correcting those who use incorrect pronouns to refer to Fallon

2) Using our voices (make a video)

-Create a video in support of Fallon Fox Fighting as a Trans* Fighter.
-Create a video responding to any myths involving Fallon or Trans* Athletes

3) Tell your friends and spread the word

-Be vocal and show your support for Fallon on all/any social media outlets that you are connected to.
-Use #Fight4Fallon and #FallonsFighters. Visibility, Words, and your support makes a difference.

Making a Difference

This campaign will last for a little over 1 month until Fallon's Championship fight on Aug 1st. She's fought hard and sacrificed for years and years; the least we can do is give her 1 month of our time and energy.

Join us, #FallonsFighters, as we stand up and speak out in support of Fallon Fox to combat this anti-TransAthlete bigotry!

Here is one way to combat negative comments on your social media outlets. Stay tuned for daily suggestions.

"As a member of #FallonsFighters, the language you are using is disrespectful and uninformed. Fallon deserves our respect."