Our latest roundup of gay sports news features a beautiful column written by Chuck Culpepper on wrestling coach Roger Brigham; a feature on gay athletes at the University of Georgia, where a football star is a straight ally; and pro soccer clubs standing up against homophobia.

Years after a deathwatch, a coach is still inspiring. | SportsonEarth.com : Chuck Culpepper Article
Seventeen years after a prolonged deathwatch with T-cell counts in the teens, a sportswriter and AIDS survivor is already 10 years into a prolific second career as a wrestling coach, inspiring young athletes with a persistence few could match.

Out of the locker: Gay athletes at UGA mostly silent, but support grows | Online Athens
“Right now, no one is open about it, but the thing is we have to make that a non-issue,” junior wide receiver Chris Conley said of the football program. “People need to be comfortable with being who they are, whether black, white, straight or gay. If that issue does present itself, I hope that our guys are accepting.”

'Football for All': Dutch Stand Up for Gay Players' Rights – ABC News
Next month, the Dutch national football team's coach plans to take a stand for the rights of gay players at the Amsterdam Gay Pride parade. Activitists in Germany, where no professional players are out, hope their football officials will follow his lead.

St. Pauli makes mark against homophobia – CNN.com
Germany's St. Pauli plans on further supporting the gay community by permanently flying the rainbow flag — which symbolizes gay pride — at its stadium.