NHL player Tyler Seguin, just traded from the Boston Bruins to the Dallas Stars, is involved in another homophobic Twitter incident, this time claiming his account was hacked. This is a tweet from Seguin's account this weekend:

“Only steers and queers in Texas, and I’m not a cow.”

He then followed that up with this: “Twitter hacking has to stop. My apologies.”

The problem with his explanation is that this is not the first homophobic tweet to come from Seguin. Back in April he used "no homo" in a tweet and later apologized. So I'm not buying the hacking defense. Seguin comes across as immature and not very bright and is exactly the wrong person to have a Twitter account. After his latest incident, he said he is taking time off from Twitter.

Plus, his tweet — if taken literally — made no sense since he was outing himself. If's he's not a cow, then by default he must be a queer since he's now in Texas.

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