A roundup of gay sports news includes the first interview with the woman Jason Collins was set to marry, and video of two UFC fighters "kissing."

Jason Collins Is My Ex-Fiancé And I Had No Idea He Was Gay – Cosmopolitan
"I empathize with Jason and support him. But at the same time, I remain deeply hurt by him. I wish he could have been honest with me years ago."

Anderson Silva And Chris Weidman, UFC Fighters, Share 'Kiss' At Weigh-In (VIDEO)
What is going on here? Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Chris Weidman knocked out opponent Anderson Silva during UFC 162 this past Saturday night, but it was the kiss before the fist that has gotten people talking online.

Donte Stallworth: ‘I was very homophobic’ — Washington Post
"I’m ashamed to tell it, but when I was younger I was leaving the club. I was maybe 24-years old. I was leaving the club and there was a gay club letting out. And I walked out of there yelling gay slurs for no reason."

Earthquakes Reserves Match to Benefit You Can Play " gay4soccer
On Monday, July 15, the San Jose Earthquakes Reserves take on USL PRO's Antigua Barracuda FC in a match benefiting the You Can Play Project.

Getting In On the Gay: Sports Marketing to LGBTs
Two of the biggest media sensations on the sports circuit right now, 22 year-old Brittney Griner and 34 year-old Jason Collins, have become household names.

First Gay Coach To "Come Out" Will Be Risking His Livelihood – Forbes
What would really be ground-breaking and brave would be if a coach, particularly on the collegiate level, would make the same admission. One has to figure that of the 300-plus Division I men’s basketball coaches and another 110 football coaches that one is a closeted homosexual.

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