I was wondering how Russia would handle Cuban triple Mabel Gay at the IAAF Track & Field World Championships in Moscow this week. While so many are focused on the Winter Olympics six months from now, events like this will test how far Russia will go to squash any shred of gayness.

While I have no idea if Mabel Gay is in fact gay or not, she posed an interesting potential dilemma for the Russians. All competitors wear their last name on their "bib" on the front of their uniform when they compete. In trying to shield children from anything gay, would they somehow try to cover her last name?

Nope. Mabel Gay proudly wore her name on her uniform when she competed in the triple jump qualifiers today. She finished eighth in the qualifier — with a jump of 14.17m — and will compete in the finals on Thursday where she will again proudly wear her name.

I wonder if any athletes would consider changing their last name legally to "gay" to showcase their support at the Olympic Games….

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