Outsports is happy to join Playboy's Twitter feed today (Thursday, Aug. 15) for a chat about Russian anti-gay laws and calls for an Olympic boycott. The chat will run from from 1pm-3pmET.

You can join the Twitter chat today by tweeting your thoughts and questions on Russian anti-gay laws, the calls for an Olympic boycott, or your personal ideas on how to address the issues, by tweeting:


We will be at their offices in Beverly Hills managing the Twitter account during the chat.

While the publication is an issue for some in our community, we believe this is a great opportunity for the community to reach an audience we seldom have the ability to speak directly to: Straight men who like Playboy. So tweet your thoughts and questions and we'll retweet and get to as much as we can. Playboy has already run a column by Cyd on his reasons for opposing an Olympic boycott.

So join us later today @Playboy. We're also on Twitter @outsports.