Edmonton Eskimos center Alexander Krausnick today revealed to the Edmonton Sun that he grew up being raised by two lesbians. The Eskimos are a Canadian Football League franchise.

Krausnick tells the Sun:

"My mother, Charlynn, is gay. I never knew my father. They had a relationship. He didn't want to stick around. I grew up with my identical twin Jon.

"Barb Krausnick-Groh became my second mom. They got married and the whole process. She'd been in our lives since we were about four.

"As my parents, they ran a small business together which ran back and forth between Calgary and Cochrane and we moved from Calgary to Cochrane where I went to high school," said the centre who was involved in more plays in starting for the Eskimos at centre the last two weeks than he was in his first two seasons as a pro with the Roughriders."

Krausnick played football at the University of Calgary. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2011 CFL Draft.

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Hat tip to Patrick Burke.