DavidMixner.com: Support an Olympic boycott?
The simple answer is a very strong 'no'. While the behavior of the Russian government, Putin and Putin punks are abhorrent, nothing will be changed by boycotting the Sochi Winter Games. In fact, those who are appalled by the treatment…

OPINION: Will Sochi Haunt The Olympic Movement – The Gay UK
A few years ago, red flags were raised when a Russian judge ruled that Pride House, a non-profit organization to support LGBT athletes, would be banned from the Sochi Olympics.

Striking Olympic Gold – NYTimes.com
Imagine this: it’s the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. A huge television event, watched the world over. The American Olympians join the proud march of nations. They’re our emissaries, our exemplars. And as the television cameras zoom in on Team U.S.A., one of its members quietly pulls out a rainbow flag, no bigger than a handkerchief, and holds it up. Not ostentatiously high, but just high enough that it can’t be mistaken.

Playing Russian Roulette with Gay Olympic Athletes – San Francisco Figure Skating | Examiner.com
With just over half a year to go till the opening of the XXII Winter Olympiad in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted a series of draconian laws aimed at the gay and lesbian community and its supporters, including the so-called "homosexual propaganda" law, which criminalizes pro-gay groups or activities and makes possible the detention of foreign visitors sympathetic to the gay community.

Russian 'gay propaganda' law angers IOC official – Yahoo! Sports
A new Russian law banning "gay propaganda" has provoked the ire of International Olympic Committee presidential candidate Richard Carrion, who said on Friday that all future Games hosts should be discrimination free. Russia, hosts of the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, passed the controversial law in June. Critics have said it effectively disallows all gay rights rallies and could be used to prosecute anyone voicing support for homosexuals. President Vladimir Putin also banned same-sex couples from adopting children. …

IOC stands by Russia’s reassurance on anti-gay law – National Sports News
The International Olympic Committee said for the time being it is standing by reassurances that athletes and visitors attending the 2014 Sochi Games in Russia will not be affected by anti-gay legislation.

Gay rights and the Sochi boycott movement – Grantland
Russia's crackdown on gay rights and the increasingly loud calls to skip the Winter Olympics.

Russian anti-gay laws impact Olympics, vodka sales – Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: NEW YORK (AP) — Russian vodka and the Winter Olympics in Sochi. For now, those are the prime targets as gays in the United States and elsewhere propose boycotts and other tactics to convey their outrage over Russia's intensifying campaign against gay-rights activism.

International Olympic Committee thinks "that’ so gay" is just fine, because it’s "street talk" | Pride House International
It is acceptable for a user to refer to his/her sexuality as gay, however we need to be careful with potentially defamatory posts accusing someone else of being gay – these will be removed.It is acceptable for users to use the word "gay" in a light-hearted "street talk" manner, e.g. "that‟s so gay" – but if used to be discriminatory it will be removed.

Olympian Johnny Weir Says Russian Olympic Boycott Is Misguided – WNYC
U.S. Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir said he opposes boycotts to protest Russia's new anti-gay law because it hurts athletes …

Russian Society Requests Figure Skater Johnny Weir be Less ’Fabulous’
August 5, 2013 – Olympic bronze medalist figure skater Johnny Weir is a self-proclaimed Russophile. He adores the culture and skating style of Russia, says his Wikipedia page.

Gay Olympian: Let’s Go To Sochi, And Speak Out | TIME.com
Pouring vodka down the drain is one thing. But boycotting the Sochi Olympics because of anti-gay legislation passed by Russian lawmakers? That just hurts the wrong people, says one gay Olympic athlete.

Anti-gay law may be suspended for Sochi Olympics | Russia & India Report
Although Russia has assured the International Olympic Committee that the law would not affect the Winter Olympics, lawyers are wondering how the federal law can be applied selectively.

Matthew Mitcham, Olympic Diver, Speaks Out On Russia's Anti-Gay Laws, 2014 Olympics In Sochi

Australia's The Telegraph recently interviewed Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham, who won a gold medal during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, about the ongoing forthcoming 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

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