Openly gay American figure skater Johnny Weir has always expressed his love of things Russian and is married to a man of Russian descent. Weir was on ESPN2 on Monday night being interviewed by Keith Olbermann about whether the Sochi Winter Olympics should be boycotted because of Russia's new anti-gay laws.

It was a great interview and Weir came across as articulate and thoughtful, but having heard him on the subject before, I was most struck by his choice of attire — a Russian military uniform (though it could have been from the Soviet era), complete with stripes, an eagle, stars and a bunch of medals, and worn over a white shirt with some kind of brooch.

I was dying for Olbermann to ask him about the uniform — I imagine most viewers were — but that never came up, which was odd since most guests don't come on wearing a military uniform of another country. Weir has always pushed the limits with his skating uniform, so seeing him decked out was not too surprising. If it was winter, he might have worn one of those Russian fur hats.

Weir is competing to make the U.S. Olympic team, and I am rooting for him since he is a compelling athlete who is never shy about his opinion or his fashion sense.

Here is the interview with Olbermann: