For years we've heard wishful thinking passed of as rumor about diver Tom Daley's sexual orientation. Most of it came from the facts that he 1) is most famous for wearing nothing but a speedo, 2) doesn't mind tweeting pics of himself in said speedo, and 3) is pretty cute. Daley addressed the speculation recently, saying that he's not gay but that he really loves his gay fans. This was far from Mike Piazza's public statement of heterosexuality years ago.

After a couple weeks in the NFL, one thing we've noticed is the new uniforms that leave little to the imagination, especially when the pants are white and wet. While reports say the pants are lighter and more able to "breathe," we still don't understand why the league would want to put their players in see-through pants.

Listen here: Outsports podcast Sept 12, 2013 – Tom Daley is straight, NFL uniforms are thin

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