The NFL Network has launched an eight-part series, "NFL 2020," that looks at what pro football will be like in 2020. Part 1 deals with the look and feel of the game and includes a segment on whether there will be an openly gay player by then. The series is hosted by Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

I was interviewed for the episode and my answer that there will be an openly gay player was not included (I am on camera twice), but that is the sentiment that comes through from the short segment. "The way of the world is moving towards acceptance" of gays, says New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark shared a view that I think is the majority one in the league now and will be universally accepted in 2020:

"How good is he at football? If he can really play, I do not care who he chooses to love. That's up to him," Clark says.

You can watch the segment here.