Matt Mitrione today apologized for transphobic language he used several months ago regarding trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox. Fallon sent Outsports a message saying she wanted to accept his apology publicly. Here's what she sent:

I just read Matt Mitrione's apology. Reading about his past I empathize with him, and it explains a lot. I can also understand his possible confusion. Perhaps he has never met any fully transitioned women. Perhaps seeing his gay cousin going back and forth in drag muddied the waters in understanding who and what I am. I am not gay (I am lesbian). I am a transsexual woman, which is different both mentally and physically from gay men (including his cousin). It's a completely different thing.

I also believe that he was unaware that I listed my medical history to the boxing commissions when they asked me, and that I did not lie on my license as the rumors suggested. I'm sure that may have fueled him.

He made little mention of transsexual women in his apology. However, he did apologize for his words. So, it's a very good start. He will never know the pain it caused me to hear him say what he said, or comments of the supporters of his rant. But, it feels good to know that he has been thinking about it, that he is remorseful, and that he came around to an attitude of respect. It really does give me hope for our sport. He had a dark cloud hanging over his head in my mind. But, it's starting to dissipate. I hope it changes like that in the minds of others.

Apology accepted, Matt. Thank you for being strong enough to come forth with this. Continue fighting, and kick ass!

Even if the water is still a bit murky here, at least the two fighters see the importance of building a bridge. Kudos to them both!

Fallon next fights on Oct. 12 in Coral Gables, Fla. Get your tickets here.