Former Rugby World Cup champion Ben Cohen has been cast on the next season of 'Strictly Come Dancing,' Britain's version of 'Dancing With The Stars.' Bookies are giving Cohen 8/1 odds to win the competition.

"For me it's all about the mental side of it," Ben said. "The physical side is going to be tough but I don't think that's really going to be my biggest problem. The psychological side for me is what will win or lose me that dance, and that's leaving everything at the door."

When Ben mentioned the casting to me a couple weeks ago, I told him about Michael Irvin's 'Dancing With The Stars' competition difficulty: Moving his hips. Athletes often enter this competition thinking they're ahead of the game because they're athletes, but ruggers and football players simply don't move like dancers. Hopefully Ben will learn to shake those hips early and often…which the viewers will love to see.

Most Americans won't recognize anyone else on this season's cast. Heck, they don't recognize most of the contestants on the American version of the show, either. Still, Ben will be reason enough for many LGBT viewers to tune in; He has been a fierce advocate against bullying and homophobia for several years and is the chairman of the StandUp Foundation.

We send our wishes of good luck to Ben and his team. Bring home another big trophy, Ben!!