Tom Brady’s new TV ad for UGG is a high-end spot that hits on various points in Brady’s sports career from high school baseball to the Super Bowl. Of course, a couple shots of Brady in his UGGs are highlighted.

It’s been interesting to watch the two different tracks Brady and friend/rival Peyton Manning have traveled in their endorsements. While Brady sticks to largely selective, high-end brands with caché, Manning puts his face seemingly on every brand that walks through the door. While the pieces featuring Brady are often stylized and more serious, Manning has no problem licking Oreos or doing a rap video with his brother for cash. It’s a study in brand-management and wealth-creation; And each guy has a different approach. It’s hard to say either one isn’t getting what he wanted from it all.

What do you think of the new ad featuring Tom Terrific?

UGG For Men, Fall 2013: For Gamechangers (via uggaustralia)