A betting company and an LGB organization teamed up to create a campaign to end homophobia in English soccer. But the reaction has been mixed at best, with many questioning the tactics of the campaign that didn't engage the Premier League before they rolled out the campaign.

Our friend and longtime Outsports community member Mark Kari shared his story about contracting ALS. He talks in the article about how his life is changing since symptoms from the debilitating disease began showing up. We are so proud of him for sharing his story and so bravely confronting the disease. We hope everyone will contribute even a nominal amount to his ALS fundraising walk.

We also chat about Kordell Stewart again denying he's gay. For some reason, the speculation won't leave him alone. One of us feels a little bad for him for it.

Listen: Rainbow laces in the UK. Mark Kari’s brave story of contracting ALS.