Here is a class that sounds both interesting and pretty hot — students of an anatomy class at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology used an Aussie Rules Football player and painted muscles, tendons and bones over his body to show what they would look like stripped of skin.

Zac O'Brien, 22, a chiropractic student and soccer player was paid $500 to sit there dressed in his underwear as his body was painted. The whole process took 20 hours, the Age in Australia reports.

The project began with stencilling Mr O'Brien's muscular outline, which took four hours. With an athletic build, he plays football for Essendon's VFL team and hopes to play for the senior side.

Then the students filled in the outline using smudge-free body paint until he was completely covered, every detail defined.

Professor Claudia Diaz has done this with 10 models and said it really gets her students interested in what before had been a boring lecture.

Students were previously shy about taking off their clothes so classmates could study their bodies. But the painting exercise helped them shed their inhibitions. ''I couldn't get the kids to keep their clothes on. They were all throwing them off,'' Dr Diaz said.

Correction: This article originally said he was a soccer player.