It's like Christmas here at Outsports, as the NFL season begins! Outsports got its start covering the NFL in 1999 when Doug Flutie was a big headline. Times have changed, but our love of America's most popular sport has not!

We loved printing our list of 62 current NFL players who have said positive things about gay people, gay athletes and gay rights in the last couple of years. That’s up from just 28 a year ago! We included 49er Chris Culliver, who seems to have had a change of opinion.

Jim talks about the big question marks in San Francisco and New England, both of whom have big changes in their receivers. And Cyd explains why he’s so high on the Tennessee Titans.

Our big point of contention this year is the Seattle Seahawks. Jim thinks they’re going to the Super Bowl, but Cyd thinks they won’t even be in the Playoffs.

Listen: Podcast Sept. 5, 2013: Our NFL preview!