A senior member of the International Olympic Committee criticized President Obama for the U.S. sending openly gay former athletes as part of its delegation to Sochi, Russia, for the Olympics.

"It's absurd that a country like that sends four lesbians to Russia just to demonstrate that in their country gay rights have (been established)," Mario Pescante said at an Italian Olympic Committee meeting in Milan on Wednesday, in comments widely reported by Italian media. "The games should not be an occasion and a stage to promote rights that sports supports daily."

Pescante, 75, either can't count or knows something the rest of the us don't, because the U.S. is not sending four lesbians to Sochi. It is sending two — tennis great Billie Jean King and former U.S. hockey player Caitlin Cahow — along with openly gay former Olympic skater Brian Boitano.

There is not much to say to Pescante other than he's a clueless old man who is behind the times. For something more enlightening, watch Billie Jean King discuss Sochi with Stephen Colbert last night: