NBC's Golden Globes afterparty Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel brought together Olympians and Hollywood Celebrities to celebrate not only the awards show but the network's upcoming broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

Part of the celebration was an acknowledgement of the anti-gay Russian laws that have so many talking about the Olympic Games. United for Equality in Sports and Entertainment brought in two athletes to talk to these issues: gay NBA player Jason Collins and out lesbian Olympic hockey player and US delegate to the Sochi Games Caitlin Cahow. They talked with the media and other attendees about inclusion in sports for LGBT people.

Cahow took the opportunity to also meet seemingly every celebrity at the Golden Globes — here are some of the biggest stars she got to meet.

Gold Meets Golden 2014 photos courtesy of United for Equality in Sports and Entertainment:

Nate Berkus, Cahow, Jason Collins

Olympic freeskier Nick Goepper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse, Caitlin Cahow…


…and Puff Daddy/Diddy/P.Diddy/Sean Combs…


…and Kevin Spacey…

…and U2…
…and Mike Tyson…

…and Jimmy Fallon.