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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman gives lengthy interview on gays in hockey

Gary Bettman says he doesn't know why no current or former NHL players are out, but he is confident in the league's culture one someone does.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman supports gay players
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman supports gay players
Bruce Bennett

In the longest, most in-depth gay-topic interview granted by a commissioner of one of the big men's sports leagues in America, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has committed in no uncertain terms to ending homophobia in his league.

Bettman sat down with TSN's Aaron Ward for the network's special on the shift away from homophobia in men's pro sports, ReOrientation. Bettman discussed a variety of nuances to the topic, from the NHL's "important" partnership with the You Can Play project to guidelines the league does -- or does not -- use when determining punishment and reaction to athletes' homophobic comments.

Ward, who produced the TSN series, is a former first-round NHL draft pick who played in the league for almost two decades.

You can watch the 10-minute interview with Bettman here.