Zeke Thomas, the gay son of NBA superstar and Basketball Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, will be the official DJ for the NBA All-Star Game next month in New Orleans. Zeke and his father previously appeared in a NOH8 campaign photo together in 2010.

Michael Musto caught up with him for an interview in Out magazine, where Zeke talked about the gay-inclusive environment of the NBA.

When Jason Collins came out, my father said to me, "This isn't something uncommon." He played with gay players. He said, "Even in high school, I knew there were gay athletes." It's not as big an issue as the media like to make it out: "You're gonna be shamed in the locker room!"

Zeke also said his parents claimed they knew he was gay when he came out to them in 2008, and that he has gay uncles "like every kid in America."