Alex, a Brazilian-born player with the French pro team Paris Saint-Germain and formerly with Chelsea, said he is opposed to homosexuality because "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Yves."

Alex's remarks were contained in a documentary on the evangelical beliefs of soccer players by the French channel Canal+. Coincidentally, the documentary was aired the same day that former pro soccer player Thomas Hitzlsperger came out as gay.

Alex's comments were taken in stride by Paris Foot Gay, a French group that promotes acceptance of gays in soccer:

"You could say it was a bit of a stupid thing to say but, in the remarks reported to us, there is no incitement to hatred," a spokesman said.

"Frankly we've got bigger fish to fry. It is hardly a scoop to learn there are homophobes in football."

In the same documentary, former French player Marcos Ceara, now an evangelical preacher, said: "I'm not really for homosexuality. For me that is a little out with God's plan."

Thanks to Sportinlife for the tip.