Comedian Aries Spears laid an egg with a bad joke about Michael Sam on ESPN’s SportsNation. He told the hosts of the show:

I went out and I bought my first Michael Sam jersey. It's got 15 S's on the back.

Get it? That's funny. You see, all gay men lisp. You can just tell Michael Sam is gay because of how he lisps. So he says his own name "Michael Sssssssssssssssam."

You can check out the video on TMZ.

After the show he tweeted an excuse for the tasteless joke and claimed ignorance:

Whether ESPN were owned by Disney or Fox or Turner, chances are slim Spears would be invited back not just because he made a crack about Sam's sexual orientation, but because the joke was lame. Particularly coming from a guy with three S's in his name.

With jokes this bad, Spears has a future as a writer for Saturday Night Live.