Bill Parcells once said, “You are what your record says you are.” To that end, teams with Michael Sam on their roster (Dallas Cowboys, Missouri Tigers) are winners; Teams that cut Michael Sam (St. Louis Rams and, again, said Dallas Cowboys) are losers. They even get embarrassed at home against a bad team with a mediocre QB on national television. If “Numbers Never Lie,” let that be a lesson to any team wary of signing the man.

It may all be coincidence, or Sam might just be a "good luck charm." Whatever the reason, the stark contrast in records with or without Sam shows that signing an openly gay athlete has absolutely no negative bearing on an NFL team winning games.

Now you have to wonder why on earth a team hasn’t signed him. He proved in the SEC that he can play the pass-rushing DE position at a high level. He proved it again in the preseason. So why haven’t the Cleveland Browns, or the Oakland Raiders, or the Atlanta Falcons, or even the St. Louis Rams made a move for Sam? The explanations are narrowing quickly….