Penn State is the latest school to create a You Can Play video to voice support for LGBT athletes, coaches, fans and everyone else in sports.

The Penn State Nittany Lions have at times stood for anything but inclusion. Head women's basketball coach Rene Portland was kept at the school for years despite her open policy against having lesbians on her team, among other problems.

Now the school's athletic department is trying to send a very different message: LGBT people are welcome in the storied athletic department at every level.

"Since I've been here (15 yaers) I've been doing education every year with either athletes or coaches or trainers," said Alison Subasic, director of the LGBTA student-resource center at Penn State. Subasic expressed great pride in the video she helped create, and in the change in atmosphere in the athletic department.

"It's been a focus of mine since I got here. When I first got here there was a very different atmosphere. It's turned around 180 degrees. We have an amazing new athletic director. It's just a really exciting time and I think this video tops it off and says this is really who we are and where we're going in the future."