Apple CEO Tim Cook came out publicly this week after months (if not years) of speculation. It was a powerful move by one of the most powerful businessmen in America, if not the world. Part of his message – about bringing comfort "to anyone who feels alone" – will hopefully resonate with closeted professional athletes, who could inspire LGBT youth to be themselves.

As Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, put it to The New York Times, "He's chief executive of the Fortune One. Something has consequences because of who does it, and this is Tim Cook and Apple. This will resonate powerfully."

I've wondered for years why big-time gay millionaire athletes with job security don't come out publicly. There are plenty of them in the big sports, yet they have almost all chosen to keep their sexual orientation a secret lest they risk losing a couple bucks or a few fans. Hopefully one of them will take Cooks' message to heart.