Mark Sanchez promised that if the Philadelphia Eagles won their Monday Night Football game against the Carolina Panthers, he would head down to Pat’s and Geno’s for two traditional Philly cheesesteaks. Sanchez

The problem is that one of those longtime institutions – Geno's – is a symbol of racism and xenophobia to many, with a sign on the window that demands customers order in English, proclaiming, "I want my country back" and "This is America" (see the signs below). While some claim this is "just about a language and not racist," it was posted specifically in response to the "immigration debate" about, largely, Hispanic immigration. It wasn't in response to Swedish tourists.

I suppose it should not be lost on anyone that Sanchez lost his starting quarterback position with the New York Jets to someone named Geno (a fact I’m sure he’s completely thrilled about).

Full disclosure here. Last month I was in Philadelphia for the Gay Super Bowl. I was told to go to Pat's and Geno's for a Taste of Philly. In fact, the Gay Super Bowl organizers pointed all of the participants that way. It was only after buying and tasting Geno's that I had any inkling of the sign that I quickly took a picture of (below).

Maybe Sanchez didn't know that Geno's is a racist, xenophobic business. But you'd think that living in Philadelphia for a few months – and promising to head down there to eat some of the food – one of his handlers or SOMEONE would have told him about the sign. Or he would have seen it. It's hard to believe he didn't.

I guess I'm just surprised they'd even serve someone with the last name of Sanchez.

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