This year we've seen a lot of You Can Play videos released by some big-time (and smaller) colleges and athletic conferences, and that's continued in the last few weeks. This year alone, at least 35 schools and teams have created videos for the project. The You Can Play project is designed to build the visibility of people in sports who support inclusion of all people, most prominently those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

One of my favorites of the new batch of videos is the video from the University of South Dakota, featuring the athletic director and the head coaches of football, women's basketball and men's basketball. After all, it's those coaches and administrators who drive and continue the culture in sports:

The North Atlantic Conference recruited a bunch of its schools to produce individual videos. The NAC is a Div. III conference of 10 schools in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. You can check out all of the conference members' videos on the NAC YouTube channel, and check out the powerful conference-wide video here:

Penn State:

Nova Southeastern University:

Brandeis University:


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