Australian bobsledder and Olympic hopeful Simon Dunn has come out publicly in an interview with SameSame, a gay Australian publication. Dunn is training for the bobsled in Calgary and hopes to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Dunn has been a player on the Sydney Convicts gay rugby team that this summer hosted the Bingham Cup. He tells SameSame:

"I love competing in bobsleigh. The adrenaline rush. Using my strengths from rugby and excelling in a different sport. I love representing my country. And I'm also proud of the fact that I'm the first out gay man in the sport to do so!

"I was approached by a member of the Australian team through my rugby club in Calgary. Rugby is an easy crossover sport to bobsleigh, as the training is similar and the main idea is to run hard and fast.

"My years playing rugby for the Sydney Convicts in Sydney definitely helped my conditioning to be ready for the sport."

Dunn is not shy about posting pictures on social media of himself in various states of undress (see below, from Instagram). It's cool to see someone with the highest athletic aspirations unafraid of sharing these kinds of photos – There's nothing wrong with showing off your hot bod!

Check out the full article on SameSame. You can also help fund Dunn's training here. And congratulations to Dunn – welcome to the club!

Hat tip to Kirk Walker.