The Gay Games brought an estimated $52 million into the local economy of Northeast Ohio this summer, according to a report by Kent State University.


"We were exceptionally busy that week," recalled George Schindler, a managing partner at Hospitality Restaurants, which owns the Blue Point Grille in downtown Cleveland. "Our staff was very happy."

The $52.1 million generated by the Gay Games far exceeds the estimated $36 million that was spent in the area during the 2013 National Senior Games, held in Cleveland in July 2013 – this despite the fact that the Senior Games drew 25,000 visitors, while the Gay Games attracted 20,000.

It was certainly busy in Downtown Cleveland all week during the Gay Games in mid-August. There were nights when some restaurants were packed all dinner long. I couldn't get enough of The Greenhouse Tavern, and neither could a lot of other people.

This report is certainly a big win for both the Gay Games and Cleveland.