It was a tough pill to swallow for the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday night, as they lost at home to the Denver Broncos.

During the game, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce let everyone know just how frustrated he was with one particular play by Broncos LB on Miller, who took what Kelce called “cheap shot” on Chiefs QB Alex Smith. From SBNation:

That "shot in the face" was none other than an orgasm Kelce wanted to give Miller, as illustrated by his brilliant gesture in front of the referee during the game…

Of course, the biggest insult you could do to another man is to make him the recipient of a sexual act by another man, which is what Kelce was getting at. It's supposed to be embarrassing to be associated with another man's orgasm if you're a big, tough football player. Kelce wasn't making the gesture or the statement as a friendly handshake. He said for himself that a cheap shot deserved a shot (of semen) to the face.

How do these guys come up with this homophobic crap?

Hat tip to Micah R.