TMZ thought it had scored a touchdown when they tracked down Michael Sam at Los Angeles International Airport this week. Instead, over the course of two-and-a-half minutes, Sam told TMZ absolutely nothing. Zip. He dodged their questions brilliantly and made them look the fool:

Of course, the cretins at TMZ couldn't take rejection for an answer so they concocted some headline that didn't remotely reflect what Sam said: "Michael Sam — I'm Not in the NFL … Because I'm Gay."

And predictably, many in the media saw the headline and ran with it, despite Sam saying nothing of the sort. That's today's media for you – better to turn around some clickbait in 52.8 seconds than take a few extra minutes and process the video for yourself.

Of course, if Sam had said what the headline implies, he'd be absolutely right. On so many levels, Sam has proven he should be in the NFL and every person who has been in his situation (other than being openly gay) was on an active roster at this point in his career.

Sam is not in the NFL because he came out. Sam didn't say that though, I did. More and more, other people in football are saying it too.