Pro golfer Steve Elkington tweeted this about Michael Sam today:

Get it? Michael Sam is gay, so he is obviously a sissy whose only athletic accomplishments would be throwing handbags. Wow, that’s hysterical! LOL to the millionth degree.

Elkington, 51, from Australia, is a real comedian. From Wikipedia:

In December 2013, Elkington was widely condemned for remarks he made on Twitter following a fatal helicopter crash in Glasgow's Clutha pub. He wrote: "Helicopter crashes into Scottish pub… Locals report no beer was spilled." The tweet was quickly deleted but not before being shared by users of the social networking site. The comment provoked a furious backlash from his fellow players and commentators alike.

From two weeks ago: Steve Elkington Tells Stephanie Wei She's Short And Has "No Cans." He later tweeted: "Sorry, I've been drinking."

Hat tip to Deadspin, which wrote about the Michael Sam tweet: "Good one, Steve. You're really good at being an old asshole on Twitter."