Maybe something was lost in translation, but Brazilian soccer player Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa has said it's not homophobic to say gay people's lives are wrong.

He told the Swedish paper Expressen:

"We love everyone but do not like those who do not stand for what the Bible says. But this is not homophobia.

"I don't agree that it is OK that a man lives with another man and a woman with a woman. That is my view. We don't agree.

"At the same time everyone is free to do what they want. Everyone has freedom."

The statement certainly isn't pro-gay. And to say that gay people shouldn't live together certainly seems homophobic. Would it be sexist if he said "I disagree with women in the workplace. That's just based on the Bible. They have the freedom to do it, I just disagree with it" – certainly seems sexist to me.

Whatever you label it, it's more evidence of the power that religion has over our culture when someone's basis for judging another person's life is strictly a book.