Today's news roundup includes a weird story involving Indiana Pacers star Paul George, his penis and an alleged "catfishing" scheme by a gay man. George says the photos are of his penis but were not sent to a gay man who posed as a woman.

Paul George Says He Was Not Catfished, But Knows Who Sent Dick Pics
Paul George talked about his genitals today and denied that he was Catfished. While George says the story itself—that a man duped him into sending penis pictures—is fake, he does not deny that it's his dick we've all seen. All he's saying is that he's not directly responsible for it being part of the public record. He told The Indianapolis Star it was some girl he knows.

Gay Soccer Player Robbie Rogers Reveals Mental Health Struggle In New "Attitude" Issue / Queerty
"Definitely in my career there were so many times when I struggled with my mental health. That affected the way I played," Rogers says. "For younger people that are closeted and they see that it’s illegal to be gay in Qatar, then they know that the World Cup’s going to be there and maybe they’re football fans? That’s so damaging on their psyche, on their mental health.

NFL exec Troy Vincent says he played with 6 openly gay players –
Troy Vincent said Wednesday that he had openly gay teammates at points during his 15-year NFL career but that their sexual orientation was never an issue.

A Gay Soccer Drama Set in Havana – Havana
At night, Havana’s picturesque ocean drive becomes a showcase where young men offer the charms of their youth to tourists in search of sexual adventures. The double standards that underpin these relations is one of the issues explored by La partida ("The Departure"), a gay drama directed by Spanish filmmaker Antonio Hens which will premiere in Spain this Friday.