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We were joined on our latest Outsports podcast by caller Renee from St. Louis, a Kansas City Chiefs fan who opposes same-sex marriage but says she isn't homophobic.

Renee called in to talk about Michael Sam and athletes coming out. She doesn't think they should, and she thinks it's just a ploy to make more money and get drafted by the NFL. Just the assumptions she makes shows a lot of progress – that coming out is now assumed to be a huge financial benefit, even in the pro sports world.

We talked with Renee for a bit and shared with her why we believe it's important for athletes to come out publicly and hit on the rankings we posted today of Twitter responses by NFL fans to the Michael Sam story. Renee joins us at 15:05 on the podcast.

It was a great conversation with the very kind of person we want to reach with Outsports – someone who doesn't hate gay people but doesn't quite support our equality as well. Thanks for calling, Renee – you can join us any time!

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