British diver Tom Daley said he is gay, dropping the suggestion that he is bisexual. He also says he has a boyfriend, believed to be screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.
In December, Daley announced he was dating a man, but also said he still fancied girls, leaving open the idea that he was bi. Last night, on the British chat show Celebrity Juice, Daley was specific:

"So Tom, let's get right to the crunch here – you're a gay man now?" host Keith Lemon asked. "I am," Daley replied.

"I came out on YouTube as I wanted to say what I wanted to say without anyone twisting it. I told my family before I told the world. I was terrified. I did not know what the reaction was going to be. I did it on YouTube because people were constantly digging and asking questions."

He also confirmed that he had a boyfriend: "Yes, I do… It was the whole kind of reason behind it."

Daley on the show: