Check out this photo above. It shows Derrick Gordon in an away game at George Washington University this past February. Look at the fans. They're screaming in his ear. One is even making a "gay" gesture. Now that he's out, some "pundits" say he'll have to deal with ga-bashing from fans. Guess what: He already does!

The funny thing is, chances are good he won't hear a peep about it from opposing fans. Just like Gordon's teammates teased him when they thought he might be gay, they will likely reduce the teasing and find more acceptance in their hearts now that they know he's gay. It's one thing when you think the person is straight or you don't know; It's another when you know he's gay.

Either way, Gordon told ESPN's Kate Fagan that he hopes he sees a sea of rainbow flags. Now that would be something to behold. Heck, I want to see that!

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