For the LGBT community and the NFL, it would be best for Sam to be drafted. To leave the NFL Draft with Sam, the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year, undrafted would be problematic. The storyline spun by many will be that he was not drafted because he is gay. I know ESPN's Shelly Smith said gay people at Gym Sportsbar don't care if Michael Sam is drafted. That is not true. The community as a whole cares very much.

On the flip side, for Sam and his agents, there is benefit to not being drafted. If he goes undrafted, his agents will get numerous phone calls from teams interested in Sam. At that point, he and his agents would get to choose from a few teams where they wanted to go. He can look at teams' depth charts and then make a decision. It's helpful to the player.

So to be clear, members of the LGBT community wants Sam drafted. They have not sat through the third day of the NFL Draft to watch him be passed over. But if he isn't drafted, that opens an opportunity for Sam.

Either way, Sam will be with an NFL team this week.