We've been saying for a while that the NFL team that drafted Michael Sam would sell a bunch of jerseys and make a lot of money off of selling Sam-related merchandise. I've predicted that the St. Louis Rams would sell over 20k jerseys in the first week after drafting Sam and over 100k before the season starts.

The first hints of that have started rolling in, per CBS Chicago's Dan Bernstein:

It's par for the course. The LGBT community is a virtually untapped market waiting to invest in sports. Previously, Jason Collins jerseys spiked when he came out of the closet last April and again when the Brooklyn Nets signed him in February.

Michael Sam will have earned his 2014 salary and then some by Friday. The NFL is about to experience the power of the pink dollar. You can buy your St. Louis Rams Michael Sam jersey now. They have him designated as No. 10, since he was the team's 10th pick in the 2014 Draft. He won't end up with No. 10 this season.

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