Michael Sam's publicist Howard Bragman brings this story posted on the University of Missouri Facebook page.

This is the power of Michael Sam being drafted and ESPN showing him kiss his boyfriend…

"I sat in front of my television and watched the NFL draft with my father a MSG, US Army, brother US Army Special Forces, my son, which both parents are soldiers (it's a family affair) and in a room of hardened Veterans with over 85 years of military service and more than 15 combat tours I saw true courage. When Michael Sam was finally drafted my 15 year old son started crying and told me he was gay. He said he didn't want to hide anymore or be embarrassed about who he was. Thank you Mizzou for embracing Mr. Sam and recruiting a young man of his caliber so that kids like my son have more positive role models to look to..and thank you for providing opportunities to students regardless of diversity..your program is truly a class act from the players to the coaching staff! I'll be pulling for you. Stay Classy Mizzou!"

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